What I’ve learned

A year has gone by, and what has it taught me?  The forces that have transformed me over the last year have shown me many things about myself, and about how I relate to the world around me.  This blog is a way for me to get out some of those feelings and while the front page is taken up with stories about my journey for the past year, it is also important to have a space to speak as the person in the present.  Here is a short bullet point summary of what I have learned this year.

-I am not as awesome as I sometimes think I am.

-Sometimes I am more awesome than I think I am.

-If you yell at the barbell you can pick it up.

-The barbell doesn’t like you.

-Burpees are no fun.

-I am not an elite athlete.

-Regular pizza makes my tummy hurt after 4 months strict Paleo.

-Sometimes you need a rest day.

-No matter what you think taking a rest day does not make you lazy.

-Tires aren’t just for rolling around on.

-A two hour drive to Whole Foods can be totally worth it.

-Handcare is more important than you think.

-Squat angry

-Load heavy

-Squat often

-Push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

-If you have time to text you’re not working hard enough.

-On days you don’t feel like it, Lift.

-Take care of your mobility.

-Fish oil is my friend.

-Cheats are more often than not, a letdown.

-Roller coasters are awesome.

-The perfect pre workout drink is Coffee

-The perfect post workout drink is also Coffee

-Keep a pair of shorts in your old size, they remind you how far you’ve come.

-Take encouragement from others.

-Take criticism from others.

-Almonds are both my friend and enemy.

That’s it for now but there will be more coming.


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