End of the year, what comes next?

Well here I sit, it’s early afternoon I’m in a Brooklyn apartment in NYC, I’ve been cleaning and packing and listening to some of the shows from the last couple nights again.  It has me wondering what this year has been, and with a blog title such as mine this time of year means something special I guess.  The last year has been one that did not go anywhere near the way I thought it would.  Had you asked me on 12/31/11 what 2012 would have been like I would have talked about finding a Ranger job, moving across the country and settling in.  I would have mentioned something about settling down with someone and looking to start what I likely would have called “grown up life” but that’s not really the way it worked out.  In 2012 I returned to customer service work for a short time while I was a barista for Starbucks, a job I would like to go back to at some point I might add.  I did move across the country for a job, but only for six months and I learned much about self motivation, self discovery, and what it takes to keep going when there’s nobody there to keep you’re slacking in check.  I studied more about the science behind the Paleo Diet, I had a date with a fellow paleo eater.  I did not however settle down, and my love life continues to taunt me with it’s failures.  I made many new PR’s I was published in a magazine, hung out with Rudy and became an Outlaw.  I learned that I have lots to work on if I really want to push it to the next level.  I also learned that I have come a very long way in a very short time and sometimes I need to let myself catch up to that fact.  There are many times that I still have the fat kid image in my head, and that’s not what I am anymore.  So what’s in store for 2013, well that’s a good question.

-Becoming an L1 CrossFit coach


-Being an awesome uncle

-Taking time to appreciate the new life that I have.

-Lifting lots of heavy things

-Getting better at MetCons

-Passing on this amazing transformation in my life to others.

-Being thankful for everyday.

Hard to believe that this year is already over, best wishes on 2013, and have a safe night celebrating everyone.