Prepping to Compete

Tomorrow I’m headed down to Springfield for the first competition of 2013, and my first team competition ever.  Tony and I will be in the Intermediate division of the Icebreather Classic at Capital City CrossFit.  First event has already been announced and based on it I’m hopeful of our chances to do well.  Tony and I are pretty similar so in terms of strategy in team making we didn’t really think it through.  If WOD 2 has burpees or a long run we are done for, but for now I’m a good rower, and I’m pretty good at the other movements.

WOD 1:

For Time: 
  • 50 Calorie Row
  • 40 Standing Broad Jumps (6’/4′)¹
  • 30 Toes to Bar²
  • 20 Hang Snatches (95/63)³
The 50 Calorie Row may be broken up in any manner the team wishes, this can include 1 teammate rowing the whole 50 Calories
¹Standing Broad Jumps are to be broken up in any increment the team desires, with each person performing at least 1 rep
²Toes to Bar are to be completed in any increment the team desires, with each person performing at least 1 rep. While one person is performing the reps, the other person must be hanging from the bar
³Hang Snatches are to be completed in any increment the team desires, with each person completing at least one rep. While one partner is performing snatches, the other partner must be in a chin-over-the-bar hold. Their chin may not contact the bar at any time.

 Time will tell how things play out during the day but I’m really excited to get back into town and put some work in with my boy Big T.  I’m also crashing at his place with his pretty awesome lady and two dogs, so it’s going to be a fun time all around.  After the way that I’ve been feeling lately this is just what I need.  Not to get too negative but when on the job hunt and things seem pretty bleak it’s hard to keep yourself motivated sometimes and pushing yourself in other areas of life.  I wonder if the Whole 30 has helped or hurt in that area.  I’m going to venture to guess that it’s a bit of both.  It has kept me from going crazy on “paleo treats” and such and made sure that I’m watching what I’m eating.  But at the same time there’s some comfort that comes from some of that so it’s been hard.  At the same time I’m over the hump with it so I’m not feeling like I’m missing a lot.  Although I will admit to secretly dreaming of a meal consisting of a pound of bacon on day 31.  I don’t care if anything else appears in that meal I just want bacon.  Actually I take that back, I want Coffee, Bacon, and Chocolate.  Even though I have had a little bit of 100% Cocoa, there’s still nothing like a quality dark chocolate bar.  And I’ll be dominating some pumpkin stuff too that first week.  I don’t know what but it will be big.  So this weekend there will be lots of pictures, laughs with friends, and a few dirty words as I lift heavy stuff, work my hardest and try to bring one home for the team.  I’m looking forward to it, and then who knows, maybe I’ll come home to find one of my many applications have brought some fruit to this job hunt.



At the risk of doing what everyone else seems to be doing this month I thought that I would take on the challenge of expressing my feelings towards some people that have helped me along the way in this huge change. I know that November is the month when everyone seems to do this but why not, with Thanksgiving coming up and my return back home looming I’ve been in a pretty reflective mood these past few days. I know that I’m jumping in a couple days late, but I’ll just blame that on my life still getting somewhat back to normal post Sandy. Most of these posts will be a little shorter but I’m going to try to focus them on one person, place, group, or even thing that I’m thankful has been a part of my life during this last year and a half.


Capital City Crossfit

Deciding to do this you guys had to be first, I couldn’t think of any other group as a whole that has had more of an impact on my in the last year than you guys have. You have seen me the whole way through this. Your encouragement and support day in and out has been amazing. I owe a lot to you as a group, I couldn’t think of a better group of people to have pushed myself through the hard times with. As I left I was sad to be leaving such a supportive community and now that I look to return to Illinois it is with sadness that I know that I won’t be coming back to Springfield to live full time right now. So many of you have touched my life to help me get to where I am today. I can’t thank each of you by name here but know that I am forever in your debt for all the times that we shared over those months. I can’t wait to visit you when I get back and look forward to making new memories together.

Crossfit to Globo Gym and back again

I have now been working out at Sports Evolution Crossfit for a month now.  I  am still doing my programming through The Outlaw Way so my actual class WODs are limited but I’m still in there with the group and I do a few workouts with them a week.  It has made a big difference in how I feel walking into the gym.  It is easy to take what Crossfit brings to the table for granted.  For the first ten months of this change in my life I went to Capital City and saw the same crew day in and day out.  I got to know those people, struggled through the workouts, got to look forward to seeing Jill’s boys the St. Bernard’s in the back of her car, shared stories of triumph and struggle day in and day out.  Then I moved here, a new challenge awaited me.  Working out at the Summit meant that I didn’t know anyone here, passing the cardio room and finding an area past the machines to get to work I put in my headphones and tried my best to do the programming with the tools at hand.  Going in without those people there made for some days that the motivation just wasn’t there.  On the hardest days I struggled to push myself past my limits, no one knew if I cut it short.  Nobody was there to see that I was letting my technique slip and cheating myself out of the benefits of the movements.  For the first four months I was here my time in the gym was my time alone.  Honestly I don’t think I know the name of a single person at that gym.  The people at the front desk all know me, I’m there six days a week how can they not, but the people that workout in the weight room I have no idea who they are, and they don’t know me either.  My ipod became my only friend while working and trying to get through each day seemed to get longer and longer.  Then over a month ago Sports Evolution opened, they welcomed me to come do my work in their part of the gym and everything changed.  I can’t explain how much better I feel about walking into the gym now.  I look forward to seeing Allen, Jerod and the rest of the crew.  I try to share some of the knowledge I’ve gotten over the last year, and to encourage them to push through.  When we work out together we push each other and I love it.  Getting back into a Crossfit routine has been great, I feel more motivated to work out, and on Sundays when I’m working out alone again I can tell that there’s a different feeling about that workout compared to the rest of the week.  In these past few weeks I have already developed a bond that I know will come with me back to Illinois, and if I get asked to come back here for next season you can bet that I’ll be back at it with the group again, looking forward to seeing how the months I spent away have changed the people that go there day in and day out.  The community aspect of Crossfit is amazing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, without it I can promise you that I would not be where I am today.  So thank you to everyone at Capital City and now at Sports Evolution, I owe you a lot.

One last week, one more challenge

                It was time for the last week of the Open.  The time came for the workout to be announced and yet again it was happiness and a gut check all in one.  This was another 7 minute cap, sweet because that means it won’t be a long period through which I would suffer.   Even the first movement I was happy with, 100lb thrusters, no sweat.  I can do those all day, then the stack of bricks drops.  Chest to bar pull ups, now if you saw the other post you that I had only been doing pull-ups of any kind for a few months at this point.  I still was not to the point that I was doing them without the band in most workouts, but I could put together groups of 5-6 in a row.  But that was normal pull ups, not ones that I had to touch my chest to bar.  Even in the last week I was setting myself up for a big challenge and this week would be a huge accomplishment.  I was going to get at least one chest to bar pull up.  Taking on the workout for the first time I got through the first three reps of thrusters and moved onto the bar.  I spend the remainder of the time missing every attempt I made.  I would get close but just couldn’t touch my chest to that bar.  I was frustrated about it, angry at myself for not being able to get at least one.  And also worried about how that would reflect on my score that week.  There were other people trying the WOD, so I watched them and was talking to Kristi when she said why don’t you just change you grip a little like this and see what happens.  I walk over to the bar and just try to see how it would work.  And I did one, really easily I did one, and I was even more pissed now.  I threw the weight back on the bar thanks to a few words from Tony and Kristi, and I was going to give it another shot.  I tried it again and this time I got not only one of the pull ups, but I finished that round and moved to the next, and in the end I got 13 reps.  It was a low score, but it was four times that amount that I had before.

                The open was a great experience, I learned a lot about myself, and areas that I was better than I imagined, and areas where I was not as good as I thought.  I learned that my body will push itself to the level that I needed and that there was more in the tank when I called for it.  Each week I looked forward to learning what the workout would be, and then I dreaded my first attempt because of the uncertainty of how I would do.  I made plans, got rid of those plans and made new ones, and watched hours of YouTube videos trying to find just the right way to take on the challenges before me.  When the dust had settled I was not going to be the fittest man on earth, not even the fittest man at Capital City Crossfit, but I was the fittest that I had ever been and I had done things that I would have not thought possible when I started in July.  The open pushed me to new heights, and also laid me low.  But in the end, I got up, finished strong and went forward with new confidence that only competition can bring.

                At the beginning I said that I wasn’t sure how to feel about the Cummings signing me up, now I can say that it was one of the best things to happen to me in the winter of 2012, and you can bet that I’ll be competing again in 2013.