Date is Set

My final day working here in PA has been set, I’m here through November 17.  I’m really excited to have the certainty that comes with an end date.  I have enjoyed my time here and I really have gotten to the point where I’m comfortable here, but that means that it’s time for me to experience something new.  For now I’m headed back to Illinois to spend time with the family and apply for jobs.  I’m excited to see them again and spend some time as “Uncle Steve” instead of Ranger Steve for a while.  I’m also looking forward to the adventure that is going to come next.  This goes along with the plans that are coming together for another great time in New York seeing Phish play Madison Square Garden and hanging with friends.  It was a great day, lots of news and a chance to think about spending the holidays with people I love and getting to relax a bit.  Also today I was asked to work the ghost tours next Saturday at work.  It means a crazy long day, but for the tours I’ll be doing my stone cutting demonstrations at night.  I love my job so much sometimes.  I can’t wait to take on the next six weeks.  Wonder how many cool things I can do before I head back.