This is my confession…..

Lately I’ve come to a realization about myself that I need to confess.  Well it’s a realization about myself and how I view you.  To put it simply chances are that I’m judging you.  I don’t consciously do it, but it is a solid bet that when you turn into McDonalds I’m judging, when I see your cart as we walk past one another in the grocery store, and if I see you taking the elevator between floors 1 & 2 I’m still judging.  It’s hard after the last year of my life and all that I have overcome not to judge, these days my tolerance for excuses is very low because I felt like I had them all.  When you’ve walked that road and then completely changed your life it becomes hard to see others falling into the same traps that you did.  So I’m judging all those little unhealthy choices that I see around me.  I’ll catch myself doing it and remind myself that I shouldn’t be that way towards people.  That I was there once, and that there are days that I’m feeling lazy and take the elevator for one or two floors instead of the stairs.  There are days that I have foods that aren’t the healthiest choices for my body and that I have my own issues that I should work on.  The hardest changes in life are internal.  It’s far too easy to judge you, I shouldn’t do it.  The act comes from pride, look at how far I have come; you wouldn’t see me at a McDonalds.  Look at me I don’t buy that kind of crap from the store, and I’m not lazy I walk up the stairs.  That kind of attitude is not the way that I should feel towards the people around me.  It’s far too easy to take a mental boost off of comparing ourselves to others.  But the people I should be comparing myself to are not the general American public.  I have left that lifestyle behind; my comparisons should be against myself.  How far have I come in the last year, am I getting better every day?  Do I constantly work to make sure that I’m giving my best towards the challenges that confront me?  And if I must compare myself why set the bar low, I should be comparing myself to people that are exceptional? How do my strength numbers match up with the likes of Marshall White? Can I do Crossfit workouts with the kind of never give up attitude of Chris Spealler? Looking to people that are exceptional should be the goal, trying to become more like those that are better than me.   So I confess, all those times I’ve seen you doing something that I think is a poor choice mentally I’ve been shaking my head at you.   I shouldn’t judge you and I’m sorry, because before last July I was right there with you.