Icebreather Classic recap

I feel like I’m just getting back to normal at the end of the day after yesterday.  What an experience the day was.  I can honestly say that I had a blast, but it wore me out.  Walking into Capital City CrossFit I knew I was in for a marathon of a day but I don’t know that I had prepared myself for it fully.  In the end I’m going to try and highlight some of the best moments of the day.  First was actually being a competitor myself with the best guy I could imagine taking on the day with, Tony, you did great and we did our best I can honestly say that.  P1010613

Here we are kicking off WOD 1 with our 50 Cal row.  For a couple guys that didn’t get to practice the movements together to put a strategy together based off that I really think we did well.  And for two big boys those broad jumps were not our strongest thing but we still did great.  The second WOD we took on Wall Walks which I hate and were the death of me.  I failed four attempts to get my second round done and that killed us for that I’m sorry man, but you are the best, if there’s another chance to team up, we need to do it again.

Secondly was judging, I loved meeting all the pairs that I was judging and although in some of the female heats I had a bit of a creeper feeling as I was staring at your midsections to make sure you were getting your bellybuttons to the wall it was still a great time.  You all did great and the Rx women were crazy impressive.  You intimidated me to no end, and more than one of you I would’ve killed to ask out at the end of the day.  Seeing the hard work you put in inspires me to keep on pushing and getting better.  I can’t wait to take some of you on as competition again.  2013 is going to be a year full of me killing it whenever I can in competitive exercising.

Third was the chance to be the eyes and ears for two companies and talk about their products and rep them a bit, as well as hashtag them as much as possible.  Seriously it felt like it was a AMRAP hashtag for Blonyx and KillCliff.  I hope that I did you both proud and that you will give me the chance to rep you again at things.  Let me just throw this one out there for you both, North Central Regional dual company booth.  You let me know and I’ll be there to pass out swag and rep your companies to the best of my abilities.  I loved talking you up, and the people couldn’t get enough of the Tasty that KillCliff sent me, seriously it was gone by the time the first heat started.  I wish I had gotten cases of the stuff to sell, I would’ve made a mint.  I am hoping to do more with both companies, currently I’m an affiliate for Blonyx, they have great recovery through their HMB, and I’m going to start taking the HMB with Creatine for strength gains going into the open.

At the end of the day we gave away a lot of great stuff to the winning teams, including gift cards to Blonyx, Rogue Fitness and a can of Kill Cliff.  

Leaving after 12 hours I was exhausted and hadn’t really eaten anything all day.  A quick stop for some food and I was headed back home.  This trip back to Springfield was far too short but I’ll be back soon, and hopefully this time it will be just to hang out, spend far too much time playing at Capital City CrossFit and will include a fun Strongman Sunday of picking up heavy things.  I can’t say enough about how awesome this experience was, and if you have a competition coming up in the midwest, make sure to let me know.




Friday Fun

Today I was sore, really sore, the kind you only experience when your rest day turns into practice your clean and jerk for two hours.  But after a slow start to the day I made it into the gym.  Once again I was flying solo for the 4pm class so I worked by myself and eventually the 5pm group came in early and cheered me on.  New 2rm for Dead-lift today – 425, failed a 435 attempt.  Going in I had put the over/under at 450 I really wanted that number but I was just too sore to get it.  Workout today was Hang clean thrusters, burpee over box jumps, and kettlebell swings.  Again Burpees show me that I’m not back to 100% as I struggled hard during them each round.   Finished off the night with a trip to the grocery store and came home with some Lamb chops that were on sale.  Excited to have these in the next couple days, also bought a Veal steak to try since I’ve never had it before.  With that out of the way let me rant for a second.


And yes you can read that screaming.  I haven’t had one since I went paleo in July of 2011, that’s right almost two years with none.  No I haven’t made a Paleo version, I really just have not missed them or wanted them at all.  But yesterday at the gym they were mentioned and ever since I’ve been craving them ridiculously   I think about them, in the grocery store they seemed to be everywhere.  I smell the sweetness of the glaze on them and I just want to eat a whole dozen.  No idea why, but I really want them badly.  And it’s not as though I could just say if I crave them this much I’ll have one, I’ve got three more weeks of Whole 30 before I can even think about a cheat.  What is wrong with me, guess I’ll add one to my eat a pound of bacon because you haven’t had it for a month meal when this thing is over.  I don’t know if this is what they were intending when the program was put together.  But this is ridiculous.  Now excuse me while I think thoughts of sugary glazed goodness and drool a little.  Just like Homer would.

Hitting the ground hard – day 1

Today was marked by yet another day of sleeping in thanks to not being over this cold I’ve been fighting yet.  After getting up and making a meal that’s Whole 30 approved I went in for an interview at a local health foods grocery store.  It went alright, but I’m not completely sure that I’ll get hired, just something about the conversation makes me think that the guy was not really looking to hire a guy like me.  After that it was time to head into Crossfit DNA and I rocked the 3pm class solo today.  Skill work was some Kettlebell Snatches and Clean and Jerks, strength was Low Bar Back Squats and then the WOD was Power Elizabeth followed by a 2k row.  Man that row was tough at the end but I finished and was happy to be done.  I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so I went home and had a nice Whole 30 compliant dinner. 2013-01-07 17.58.48


I tried to cap my night with the football game but I couldn’t make it past halftime.   That was just too painful to watch, now I’m off to lay under the heated blanket, go to sleep early and try to kick the last of this cold that’s been dominating me this week. Coming up in future posts will be how much my lower coffee consumption blows, and how I wish that I hadn’t decided to limit myself to only two cups before noon.

2013 Goals

Everyone that has a blog like this does one of these posts for the year, and I decided that I should include myself and put out in public what my goals are for the year.  In crafting these some are carried over from last year because I didn’t accomplish them in 2012, although I came close, and some are new.  I didn’t do a fancy 13 goals for 2013 or anything like that but I did try to make goals for all parts of my life.  So here’s the list:

CrossFit Goals:

-Place in competition

-Run a 5k

-Run a Warrior Dash

-Perform a true Squat Snatch (fix mobility issues)

-Perform a Muscle Up

-Perform a Handstand Push up and Kipping Handstand Push up

Paleo Goals:

-Eat one month completely grass fed/pastured/wild caught with no exceptions

-Source local pastured eggs and eat only those

Life Goals:

-Land a job in my career field

-Volunteer more

-Be an awesome uncle doing something with the nephews each month.

-Go on a real date with someone I met either through a web profile or in person.

Writing goals:

Write everyday for two months.

-Connect with two companies through the blog.

Well that’s my goals for this year, I think it’s a list that I can achieve all of them and really looking forward to the chance to do some fun stuff in the coming year.  On Monday I’m taking on a Whole 30, so daily blog posts will come about that, and I’ll be getting on the scale for the first time in 98 months for my initial weight since it’s a group challenge at CrossFit DNA.  I’m excited for the challenge, I’ve not taken on the program before and I’m really looking forward to seeing how I feel.

Christmas, Packing, and Ending 2012

It’s really hard to believe that it’s another year in the books, my first full year Paleo and first full year of CrossFit.  So much has happened in the last year it’s hard to cover it all but I must say that I’m extremely thankful for what has happened in the last year and the support of so many people around me.  With that said here’s a look ahead to the next week and what I’ll be up to in celebrating another year coming to a close.

Friday I’m headed to NYC for another year of Phish at MSG and running around town having fun with friends.  I’m really excited to be headed back this year and spending some time with the crew.  It should be a great four days of shows and I really hope the guys in the band bring it this year.  Our little group has an apartment in Brooklyn and we will be crashing there and heading into Manhattan everyday for the shows.  I’m looking forward to some fun, a few days of travel WODs and maybe a drop in somewhere.  I haven’t figured that last part out yet.  Last year’s daily theme was to explore Ghostbusters locations.  This year I don’t have an idea of what I’ll be doing, but I do know that I’ll be doing some cooking in the apartment and walking around Brooklyn a good amount.  I’m sure that my twitter and Instagram will be flooded with stuff from the trip and I’m going to find a good amount of stuff to bring back a bunch of people a little something from my trip.  But before I leave I have at least one more day to do the WOD at DNA and get then I’m going to close out the year and get ready to start 2013.

Today’s WOD:

20 Min AMRAP

5 Chest to Bar pullups

10 Wall balls (20lb)

15 KB Swings (1.5)

Score: 10+1

Cashout 3xME Toes to Bar 13/8/6 last round I lost my grip but I’m pretty sure I could’ve gotten more.

Overall a great day to get back into the swing of things and work off some of the extra food from Christmas.  Here’s a shot of my favorite present from my brother, a new shirt from NomNomPaleo and Fitbomb

2012-12-25 22.43.08

Students and former students

SHS classes

My student teaching experience was both awful and amazing at the same time. I had a lot of growing to do and I had a lot of pain during that semester. All of my classes had a lot to teach me and I want to express how thankful I am for their understanding and some of the great times that we had while we tried to get through the material at hand. All of my seniors I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had a different group, you were great people and I hope that as you take on your Freshman year of college you are all doing well. What would our semester have been without the jokes and funny videos, I don’t know but I can tell you that it definitely would not have been as good of a semester. Juniors you guys pushed me in many ways. I doubted myself many times because I couldn’t seem to figure you out for so long. But in the end we did figure it out, and I hope that you guys got something from me more than just a few notes and some funny stories. Have a great senior year and go SHS. I wish both groups the best and I want you to know that even if none of you see this, I appreciate all of the time that we had best of luck.

Former students that have kept in touch

For those of you that have kept in touch since I left your classrooms almost a year ago, thank you for keeping me posted on how your life was going. Our conversations, some normal, some rather ridiculous have been a source of laughter this summer and I hope that someday we meet up again. Proofs that teachers and former students can be friends are found in our tweets back and forth. You are all amazing people, and I’m proud of what you are doing. Keep it up, and finish this semester strong, you can do it.

Getting set for my first local Competition

Moustache Clash 2012

Well I’m registering for my first local competition this week.  I need to figure out if I’m going Rx or Scaled so I haven’t filled out the form yet.  I really want to jump in Rx because let’s face it, you need to Go Big or Go Home.  If there’s one lesson that I can take from my Outlaw brothers and sisters  it is that I need to dominate everything.  So I’ll likely put on my big boy pants, jump into the deep end and see if I can swim.  So far the first two events are announced.  First is Bombs Away, sounds awesome right? Well it is, have you ever been so frustrated you want to throw your kettlebell across the room, well now you can, except it’s not across the room but rather in a field event style outdoor area.  Stand in a 4x4ft box, and throw your kettlebell for distance into the cone shaped area.  Longest throw wins, as a former field athlete I kind of think this might be something I’m good at.  But I don’t have a place to practice throwing kettlebells right now so I’ll have to figure that one out.  I don’t think I’ll be shotputing it, but I’m thinking the double handed over the back launch might be the key.  Here’s the demo video:

 Second event was just announces yesterday, thanks to Zack and his Strongman Sunday programming I’ve got some experience with heavy Farmer’s Carry.  Zack’s determination to make me better at picking up heavy stuff off the ground is going to go a long way in this one.  Rx for men is 112lbs in each hand, so 224lbs total.  One attempt, walk as far as you can.  I need to get in some practice with this in the next couple weeks, but I don’t see this being a problem for me.  Here’s the demo video for this one:

 The last three events are, The Big Move, Sled Dog, and X + Y those will be released in the next few weeks and I’m interested to see what they are, but I’m really excited to take this on.  And let’s be honest, who will bring better facial hair than me to this thing, nobody.  The Red Sea will be in full effect on December 8 when I bring my Outlaw mandate to Crossfit Bloomington Normal and show those midstate kids what’s up.

I’ll leave you with last year’s highlight video:

Some things just take time

I’ve been following Outlaw for my six months out here and there are still things that I just can’t do yet.  I’m working hard on getting the different required movements down but it has been a long road and it is difficult to keep in mind that I’m still pretty new at a lot of these things.  In some ways I expected that by now I wouldn’t have much to learn but I’m humbled day in and day out at the areas that I can still improve greatly.  It’s been a great year but as I get closer and closer to the end of this one I’m confronted by a set of goals that I haven’t yet achieved.  I think that maybe things this year were a bit to ambitious in some areas and in others the move, and a change in priorities in my training may have limited my chances to achieve them.  But I have learned so many things in this past year I’m trying to stay positive and focus on that.  Also I’m looking at my progress in the things that I have learned.  Today I hit 21 ub Double Unders which is the most that I’ve ever done.  They felt really good too, more and more practice and I’ll be getting longer strings of them I’m sure.  I’m excited to get back into a more normal mode of training as well.  I love following Outlaw but I’m not sure that I’ll keep it going when I get back to Illinois. The programming there takes a lot of elements of Rudy’s training and scales them down to a more normal level.  That would allow me to go back to doing most of my work Rx, and it would let me do the work that the classes are doing.  And working out with others always feels better.  So I can improve by adding in extra training on those things that I need help in.  Getting better at my Doubles, getting Handstand Pushups, Handstand Walks, and Muscle Ups down.  And I can focus on doing more competitions over the winter.  The road from where I started to here has been a long one, but the road from here to where I want to end up is a long one as well.

Interview for Crossfit Radio

My interview is up on Crossfit Radio.  It was great talking to Justin and then to top that off I got a PR on my box jump.  Another 5 inches and I’m so close to hitting a 40″ jump.  Can’t wait to break into the 40s.  Take a listen to the interview and hear a bit about my story.

My Interview

Box Jump PR