Week 4

I’m excited to say that it’s week 4.  This strict month is headed towards the finish, but I don’t know that I’m going to let myself off so easy when the week ends.  I think that it’s been a good change to be more mindful of my intake and I may keep it going for a few extra weeks just to see how it plays out.  Today I took on some work on the truck as a project to be mobile all day.  After doing that work I headed out for my normal Monday ritual of hitting up the grocery store and loading up for the week.  I batched a little, went into the gym and did some work while the new On Ramp class started today.  It’s the third group for the guys at Sports Evolution Crossfit and I have to say that I’m proud of the way they’re taking on new classes and bringing them up to speed.  Such a great group of people are already there, and the new people that come into today seemed cool too.  Looking forward to spending these last couple weeks working out with them before I head back to the midwest.  I of course have more pictures of my day and the update photos too.  Here’s my goals for the final week though:

-Eat breakfast every morning with no distractions to focus on the food and what is coming up that day.

-Make a set of goals for when I get home so I hit the ground running.

-Find a fall competition to participate in, either as an athlete or if it’s full a volunteer. If you know of one get a hold of me.

-Mobilize every day before doing my work for Outlaw that day.

-Go see Nemo in 3D, try not to be too creepy as the single adult dude seeing a cartoon.

-Try to make my boss tell me when I’m done here so I can have some sort of closure on being out here and know what I’m doing.

-Talk to Starbucks about coming back.

-Finish Game of Thrones before the weekend.

Pictures of my day:

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Every story has to have an inciting incident

This story is like every other in that way.  There always has to be something that creates that spark, a moment in time where that a change can occur that will drastically alter a person’s life.  For me that spark was going to come in the form of a question.  It’s a simple question really, but at the same time it carries with it a huge honor.  I was asked to be in the wedding of one of the best people I’ve ever known, a friend that I’ve traveled beyond the borders of our little country with, and a man that I’ve spent an entire week mopping a floor with.  My friend Bobby asked me to be in his wedding, and I realized that I didn’t want another round of wedding pictures where I looked like this.


That’s me, my father, and younger brother at my sister’s wedding in the fall of 2010.  I had seen these pictures and realized that another round of me looking like this forever in someone’s wedding photos was not what I wanted.  I didn’t know what I was going to do, or how I was going to do it, but I wanted to lose 50 pounds before the wedding.  I had 4 months to do it in, and I started to hunt for a plan that would help me to look better for the wedding.  As it was there was still a few weeks of hunting, and looking at various ideas of what to do before I settled on trying Crossfit and doing a month of the Paleo Diet because another friend had given me the book The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.  I figured that I’ve been an athlete, and I’ve been a power-lifter before, how hard can this Crossfit thing be?  The book had been convincing, and the challenge was only to try it for a month, and I can do a month of anything, couldn’t be as bad as some of the things I had done to make weight as a wrestler.  I had my plan, and was ready to take on losing the weight for the wedding.  So there I was, beginning of July 2011, I had a plan, and no idea what I was getting myself into but I was taking the first steps on a journey that would take me places that I had never thought possible, and push me harder than I have ever been pushed in my life.  But those are stories for another day, this is just the beginning.