New challenges, new site. Same Steve

Spring has begun and the CrossFit Open has concluded. Today I did the last workout, and it took me way beyond my pain threshold and while I finished it was a long 17:06. With the Open over and the change of the seasons it is time for me to push myself in new ways and grow through some different challenges. I have made some programming changes and this blog will highlight what I do inside in the gym, but also the challenges that I’m working out in life in general.

My goals for the rest of 2015 are:

-Complete the entire 13 week Smolov cycle and finally break a 400 pound back squat barrier.

-Run in the Rollercoaster Race 5k, and finish with a time under 25:00.

-Go to WLC and put in my packet to become an E5 with the Illinois National Guard.

-Register and enter grad school full time to complete my public history masters.

-Form a team and compete in the Battle For the Hill at the Illinois State Fair

To say that this will be an exciting year is downplaying it a bit. I will be growing in many areas of life. Chasing my educational goals to be back in the Park Service soon. I’m pushing my limits in health and fitness and running and competing in various ways. Finally I’ll be growing in my military service as well. And I volunteered to go mobilize for the National Guard, so who knows this blog may be coming to you from somewhere outside the US by the end of the year.


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