Where have I been for a week?

I’ve been gone for a little bit here and it wasn’t on purpose I promise.  Over the weekend I went skiing and had a good time with friends.  That part of not writing anything I actually kind of expected.  Lots of things going on taking 35 high school kids to go ski.  I cooked 10 pounds of bacon, and thanks to the Whole 30 I didn’t have a single bite.  I brought my own meals and worked hard to make sure that I was following the straight and narrow while gone.  But the entire weekend I didn’t feel all that great, and I knew that looming close was my case of the flu coming back full force.  And boy did it come back.  If you think that doing a Whole 30 is no fun, try doing it while sick when all you want is some comfort foods and to lay there miserable.  I’ve been fighting it, but today I broke down and bought some medicine to handle this cough I’ve been having.  Not to be kept down though I still made it into the gym everyday this week.  Tuesday I was able to hit a new PR on the full clean and jerk at 205.  Last week I got 220 doing Power Cleans and Push Jerks so I know there’s more there.  Just couldn’t get under it quick enough the way I’ve been feeling.  I even cut the beard this week to accept two new jobs.  I’ll be working for Mariano’s Grocery Stores and also as a substitute for Chicago Public Schools.  Can’t wait to feel better, this Whole 30 while sick, blows.


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