New challenges ahead

So this post was originally going to be about my childhood.  The challenges of growing up big, and the struggles I had overcoming that mindset as I grew older.  But all that changed just a few minutes ago.  I had a conversation with my Mom about a program that one of the daughters of a coworker is in.  I took a look at the program and I’m very excited to say that I am going to be applying for this.  As someone that has already finished my teaching certification this offers a chance to get my Master’s in Urban Education.  But more importantly than that it offers the chance to make an impact in the Urban Schools that are struggling in Chicago.  The Program is the Academy for Urban School Leadership, and it’s a one year program that would have me in the classroom four days a week with one day spent in graduate classes.  The program uses a variety of things to promote achievement, and to develop the skills of the teachers in the classroom.  Working with a mentor throughout the year I would get to perfect my skills and learn about how to run an urban classroom.  But most exciting to me is the chance to use technology in the classroom.  I have their promo video about something they call the TCH channel where videos of various members of the program are put up to highlight the best practices, and the exceptional work that is being done.  Take a look: 

 I’m really excited to move forward on this, not only is it a chance to build my roots deeper here in Chicago now that I’m with family again, but to make an impact in the area that I call home, and to learn how to be the most effective teacher possible  So sorry for this post not containing anything fitness related, I’m too excited about this.


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