Working on that Snatch

Today I was once again flying solo in the gym at 3pm.  I swear if I didn’t know better I would think that I must smell or something, because lately I’m doing the WOD alone more often than I’m working with others.  But I came in and after some mobility and warmup it was 15 minutes to get a new 1RM Snatch from the hi-hang.  I’m still doing split since I can’t get to full depth in the overhead position.  I started at 75 not sure how high I would go but I hit 150, and failed an attempt at 155 before time ran out.  Since 150 was my best pull from the floor before I made the switch to split snatches and started working with Jake I’m thinking that it might be time to do another max effort and see where I land.  This month is all about pushing myself in multiple areas so taking on a new PR attempt would be good for me.  I’ll have to talk to Jake and see when I can work the attempt into the programming.  My day was solid overall, with good food, lots of job applications and sorting books to sell to make some extra cash.  These posts seem very boring to me as I haven’t really done much that seems worth mentioning to me.  Tomorrow I’m going to sell the books back, take on the last WOD before skill day, and pack to get myself ready to compete this weekend.  The first WOD for the partner competition was announced and tomorrow I’m going to talk about the WOD and what strategy I may use to take it on.


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