Week 2 begins

Whole 30 week two has begun, and it’s a good kick off when I get to spend some time with the nephews, play a little more MarioKart and have a good evening working on reading.  The older nephew is in Kindergarten and he needs help with his reading.  So Uncle Steve and the boy had a good time working on on his list of words.  It did a lot to make me feel better, and spending the day working on job applications also helped.  Getting back into CrossFit DNA was a good workout programmed and after knocking that out and having a good daily intake I can say that while I do miss a couple things, the prospect of pairing eggs and chili for breakfast has me as a big fan.  No new PR’s to announce or other such things but overall I think that as the second week begins I can say that I’m feeling pretty good about everything.  I’m leaner than I was and I have good energy, and I’m still playing with some things but overall I’m happy.  Now if only someone would offer this guy a job I could be all set.  With that I’m getting off this thing and winding down to get to bed early tonight.


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