Hitting the ground hard – day 1

Today was marked by yet another day of sleeping in thanks to not being over this cold I’ve been fighting yet.  After getting up and making a meal that’s Whole 30 approved I went in for an interview at a local health foods grocery store.  It went alright, but I’m not completely sure that I’ll get hired, just something about the conversation makes me think that the guy was not really looking to hire a guy like me.  After that it was time to head into Crossfit DNA and I rocked the 3pm class solo today.  Skill work was some Kettlebell Snatches and Clean and Jerks, strength was Low Bar Back Squats and then the WOD was Power Elizabeth followed by a 2k row.  Man that row was tough at the end but I finished and was happy to be done.  I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so I went home and had a nice Whole 30 compliant dinner. 2013-01-07 17.58.48


I tried to cap my night with the football game but I couldn’t make it past halftime.   That was just too painful to watch, now I’m off to lay under the heated blanket, go to sleep early and try to kick the last of this cold that’s been dominating me this week. Coming up in future posts will be how much my lower coffee consumption blows, and how I wish that I hadn’t decided to limit myself to only two cups before noon.


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