Getting back into the swing of things

I’m back home after a week away, this time I was back in Springfield again working out with the old crew and doing some home renovations for a friend.  It was good to spend a longer time in town, see people for more than just a day and really catch up.  I had forgotten how much I liked being around that group of people and the work that I did everyday gave my hands a sense of purpose that they haven’t really had since I got done working with the NPS.  Also during my time downstate I went to visit the crew at CrossFitBN to do the Mustache Clash.  The group there raised over $3500 for the cancer center in town and had a great time.   The workouts didn’t count for anything but they were a lot of fun and an interesting challenge.  The visit was great and getting back home over the weekend I got to spend some more time with the whole family now that the little brother is home.  There are however some growing pains in the house as it’s hard for me sometimes to overcome a Me vs them mentality when it comes to things around the house, especially when it comes to my eating.  As the only one Paleo in the house it is sometimes hard for me when I don’t feel included in what’s going on because of my food choices.  The rest of the family tries most of the time to include me but sometimes there are things done that make me feel like an outcast.  One example of this came at Thanksgiving when I had to cook my own dishes for the meal because I was the only one that wouldn’t eat the other things being made.  It happened again this week when the rest of the house got together planning to make Tamales.  I voiced that I wasn’t going to be around for the day, mostly because I had no desire to be around the food and I had a serious feeling that I wouldn’t be able to handle the smell in the house..  I’ve found that it happens more and more now, that I’ll go someplace and the smell from the grains gets to me.  But we are working things out and I’m feeling better about things around the house these days.  I hope that as we get used to being around eachother most of these issues will go away.  There’s always the chance though that I’ll get a job offer and be leaving anyway.

Tonight I’m watching Lawless with the baby brother and trying to enjoy the evening at home and recover for an especially rough first WOD back at the new home box.  Can’t wait to take more work on this week and get ready to celebrate the holiday with the family.


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