Split those Snatches

For the past week I’ve been working on the split snatch, not that this was my idea, but at CrossFit DNA I am no longer allowed to squat snatch until my mobility issues are fixed.  I also cannot overhead squat either, but that I’m not as sad about.  Today was a pretty heavy day for Outlaw and I took off into it knowing that I had never put up any of those weights split before.  The day went well and I hit every rep, did the cleans and went into the conditioning Rx.  Finished Games Elizabeth in 13:33, those dips killed me.  Afterwards to went into my purpose for being here right now, painting the new place for friends.  I spent eight hours on it, and didn’t make it back for a second WOD on the day.  I have to say that a day of painting is like a second WOD and I don’t feel bad about only getting the one in today.  I’m going to shoot for two tomorrow and looking for it to be another productive day.  Want a sneak peak at my work? 2012-12-10 20.19.06great day overall and it I’m happy to be helping out the friends with their new place.  Can’t wait to get back into C3 tomorrow and take on some more work and then finish more of the house so that the family can begin to call it home.  The rewards for doing this kind of stuff is amazing, I always feel so good when I’m able to put my talents to good use and the extra time that I have right now was just going to waste when I was at home not doing much.  I wish I had more to share but for now that’s it.



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