2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,300 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 12 years to get that many views.

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End of the year, what comes next?

Well here I sit, it’s early afternoon I’m in a Brooklyn apartment in NYC, I’ve been cleaning and packing and listening to some of the shows from the last couple nights again.  It has me wondering what this year has been, and with a blog title such as mine this time of year means something special I guess.  The last year has been one that did not go anywhere near the way I thought it would.  Had you asked me on 12/31/11 what 2012 would have been like I would have talked about finding a Ranger job, moving across the country and settling in.  I would have mentioned something about settling down with someone and looking to start what I likely would have called “grown up life” but that’s not really the way it worked out.  In 2012 I returned to customer service work for a short time while I was a barista for Starbucks, a job I would like to go back to at some point I might add.  I did move across the country for a job, but only for six months and I learned much about self motivation, self discovery, and what it takes to keep going when there’s nobody there to keep you’re slacking in check.  I studied more about the science behind the Paleo Diet, I had a date with a fellow paleo eater.  I did not however settle down, and my love life continues to taunt me with it’s failures.  I made many new PR’s I was published in a magazine, hung out with Rudy and became an Outlaw.  I learned that I have lots to work on if I really want to push it to the next level.  I also learned that I have come a very long way in a very short time and sometimes I need to let myself catch up to that fact.  There are many times that I still have the fat kid image in my head, and that’s not what I am anymore.  So what’s in store for 2013, well that’s a good question.

-Becoming an L1 CrossFit coach


-Being an awesome uncle

-Taking time to appreciate the new life that I have.

-Lifting lots of heavy things

-Getting better at MetCons

-Passing on this amazing transformation in my life to others.

-Being thankful for everyday.

Hard to believe that this year is already over, best wishes on 2013, and have a safe night celebrating everyone.


Closing out the year with the family

Tonight I shared what will be my last meal with the family in 2012.  Today was the nephew’s birthday and we had a great meal, shared a lot of laughs, and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Now I’m basically done packing for tomorrow and I’m ready to fly out to NYC for a few days of fun.  I love my nephews they’re just really way too funny and sometimes like tonight when they’re good it’s great to be around them.  At the end of the meal I spent some time with the younger of the two and we took a few pictures to end the year.  Here they are, you can tell he’s a good looking kid and that he’s a lot of fun to be around.

2012-12-27 20.52.23 2012-12-27 20.52.30

Christmas, Packing, and Ending 2012

It’s really hard to believe that it’s another year in the books, my first full year Paleo and first full year of CrossFit.  So much has happened in the last year it’s hard to cover it all but I must say that I’m extremely thankful for what has happened in the last year and the support of so many people around me.  With that said here’s a look ahead to the next week and what I’ll be up to in celebrating another year coming to a close.

Friday I’m headed to NYC for another year of Phish at MSG and running around town having fun with friends.  I’m really excited to be headed back this year and spending some time with the crew.  It should be a great four days of shows and I really hope the guys in the band bring it this year.  Our little group has an apartment in Brooklyn and we will be crashing there and heading into Manhattan everyday for the shows.  I’m looking forward to some fun, a few days of travel WODs and maybe a drop in somewhere.  I haven’t figured that last part out yet.  Last year’s daily theme was to explore Ghostbusters locations.  This year I don’t have an idea of what I’ll be doing, but I do know that I’ll be doing some cooking in the apartment and walking around Brooklyn a good amount.  I’m sure that my twitter and Instagram will be flooded with stuff from the trip and I’m going to find a good amount of stuff to bring back a bunch of people a little something from my trip.  But before I leave I have at least one more day to do the WOD at DNA and get then I’m going to close out the year and get ready to start 2013.

Today’s WOD:

20 Min AMRAP

5 Chest to Bar pullups

10 Wall balls (20lb)

15 KB Swings (1.5)

Score: 10+1

Cashout 3xME Toes to Bar 13/8/6 last round I lost my grip but I’m pretty sure I could’ve gotten more.

Overall a great day to get back into the swing of things and work off some of the extra food from Christmas.  Here’s a shot of my favorite present from my brother, a new shirt from NomNomPaleo and Fitbomb

2012-12-25 22.43.08

Getting back into the swing of things

I’m back home after a week away, this time I was back in Springfield again working out with the old crew and doing some home renovations for a friend.  It was good to spend a longer time in town, see people for more than just a day and really catch up.  I had forgotten how much I liked being around that group of people and the work that I did everyday gave my hands a sense of purpose that they haven’t really had since I got done working with the NPS.  Also during my time downstate I went to visit the crew at CrossFitBN to do the Mustache Clash.  The group there raised over $3500 for the cancer center in town and had a great time.   The workouts didn’t count for anything but they were a lot of fun and an interesting challenge.  The visit was great and getting back home over the weekend I got to spend some more time with the whole family now that the little brother is home.  There are however some growing pains in the house as it’s hard for me sometimes to overcome a Me vs them mentality when it comes to things around the house, especially when it comes to my eating.  As the only one Paleo in the house it is sometimes hard for me when I don’t feel included in what’s going on because of my food choices.  The rest of the family tries most of the time to include me but sometimes there are things done that make me feel like an outcast.  One example of this came at Thanksgiving when I had to cook my own dishes for the meal because I was the only one that wouldn’t eat the other things being made.  It happened again this week when the rest of the house got together planning to make Tamales.  I voiced that I wasn’t going to be around for the day, mostly because I had no desire to be around the food and I had a serious feeling that I wouldn’t be able to handle the smell in the house..  I’ve found that it happens more and more now, that I’ll go someplace and the smell from the grains gets to me.  But we are working things out and I’m feeling better about things around the house these days.  I hope that as we get used to being around eachother most of these issues will go away.  There’s always the chance though that I’ll get a job offer and be leaving anyway.

Tonight I’m watching Lawless with the baby brother and trying to enjoy the evening at home and recover for an especially rough first WOD back at the new home box.  Can’t wait to take more work on this week and get ready to celebrate the holiday with the family.

Split those Snatches

For the past week I’ve been working on the split snatch, not that this was my idea, but at CrossFit DNA I am no longer allowed to squat snatch until my mobility issues are fixed.  I also cannot overhead squat either, but that I’m not as sad about.  Today was a pretty heavy day for Outlaw and I took off into it knowing that I had never put up any of those weights split before.  The day went well and I hit every rep, did the cleans and went into the conditioning Rx.  Finished Games Elizabeth in 13:33, those dips killed me.  Afterwards to went into my purpose for being here right now, painting the new place for friends.  I spent eight hours on it, and didn’t make it back for a second WOD on the day.  I have to say that a day of painting is like a second WOD and I don’t feel bad about only getting the one in today.  I’m going to shoot for two tomorrow and looking for it to be another productive day.  Want a sneak peak at my work? 2012-12-10 20.19.06great day overall and it I’m happy to be helping out the friends with their new place.  Can’t wait to get back into C3 tomorrow and take on some more work and then finish more of the house so that the family can begin to call it home.  The rewards for doing this kind of stuff is amazing, I always feel so good when I’m able to put my talents to good use and the extra time that I have right now was just going to waste when I was at home not doing much.  I wish I had more to share but for now that’s it.


And like that I’m back

Wow, I can’t believe that such a break has come to my writing on this thing.  I guess moving cross country, seeing family members you haven’t seen in six months and learning that your sister is going to have her first baby can distract a guy.  So this one will be a bit of a catch all of the last two weeks and then I’ll need to make sure to keep talking about what is going on.  First I came home to spend the holidays with the family and to job hunt.  So I am back in the great Chicago area, if you would like to invite me to visit your affiliate and do a WOD I’d love to drop by, or you can come see me at Crossfit DNA in Dyer, IN.  That’s my new home and the group there has been great.  Jake is an exceptional coach and I’m really liking getting to be a part of a new crew day in and day out.  Also being around the family has been great and I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone more often than I have been able to in years.  I also have started to make a connection with a lady and while it’s early I think that we are having fun.  Now if only I could get her to eat better and do CrossFit.  Is it sad that these are the things that make me doubt the long term potential of this thing?

I’m still on the hunt for work but there have also been developments on that front as well.  This winter I’m getting my Cert and I’m going to be a CrossFit coach, I’m also going to look for other work in the classroom and get some experience teaching.  I think that I want to teach Jr High, and the plan is that I’ll do that and coach for a couple years.  In 2015 I want to open my own affiliate.  That will give me time to raise capital and scout locations to settle.  So if you’re an owner and you think you might want a guy with a sweet beard and a pretty interesting story we should talk.  I’m also going to be doing some other training such as getting my EMT this winter and looking forward to next summer and figuring out if I’m going to head east again or land somewhere else.  This is a huge change because to be honest I had decided that I would always be a Park Ranger, but the situation in the service right now just makes me think that I need to step away for a bit.  I may return at some point but for now it seems like a permanent job is just not to be.

The past two weekends I have done some other pretty great things.  Last weekend I competed in a competition at my old affiliate and got 5th.  I would have been higher but burpee box jumps hate me and I did horrible in the first WOD, I got second in the other one but it still wasn’t enough to get me a top three.  Yesterday I participated in the Mustache Clash and helped raise over $4000 for Cancer treatment with the crew at CrossFit Bloomington Normal.  Thanks to The Tiki for getting me to come out for it, I had a great time and there are some pictures and videos coming I’m sure.  Lastly I’m also working for the social media side of things for Blonyx, so if you’re in the market for supplements talk to me I’ll hook you up with a discount.