This one does not even do her justice

If there’s one person that can be credited with the existence of this blog, and my desire to get back into the classroom again it is this person right here.  The amazing and talented MochaMomma, between her and the rest of her very special family I found myself wishing that I was in that house everyday.  And I still maintain that if she’d find me a spot at her school I’d be there in a heartbeat.


If there was one person that this blog owes its existence to it is Kelly. Thank you Kelly for that last little push to start writing and for the information on being successful at it. I’ve tried to follow your advice and do the kinds of things that will make people actually want to hear what it is that I’m talking about here. You have helped me in many areas and I have to thank you for being a role model of what I can be as an educator when I get back into the classroom. The dedication that you have for the kids in your school inspires me and the way that you go about taking on challenges to make their lives better is crazy and awesome. I love the passion you bring to life and your family is pretty awesome too. I don’t know that I would have done as well in the classroom had I not had your example to try to follow in caring about my kids. The laughter that you have brought into my life via messages, conversations, and even witty twitter remarks has brought many a smile to my face over the last year. I couldn’t sum up how I feel about having you as a friend. Thank you for everything, you’ve been a huge part of where I am now.



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