One half of my favorite set of twins

Henton I have to include you in this list.  Not only because you’re one of the few that has managed to keep in pretty constant contact with me throughout the summer, or because you are one of three people not related by blood to send me mail but because in general we have some pretty funny conversations and you’ve made me laugh all the time.  This summer wouldn’t have been quite as enjoyable without the texts that I got from you over the summer, the witty comebacks and general snark in our exchanges made the slow days more entertaining and generally lifted my spirits when I was feeling a little down.  We didn’t always have the greatest of conversations sometimes but such is life and we always bounced back onto lighter subjects.  You even got me to send mail, and even talk about feelings, although those were discussed begrudgingly.  It really is weird that we have such a friendship and that we can talk about the weirdness of life and know what the other is thinking so often.  I’m looking forward to getting back and picking on you in person and causing you even more grief than I already do.  You better have a good break and enjoy those shifts at work because you’ll need the cash for an adventure in the near future.


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