Why would I be thankful for the pull-up?


Why would I thank something that I’m pretty horrible at even now? Well it’s simple; when I got my first one a year ago it pushed me forward with new confidence. And while today I’m struggling with them again they are still a part of my days in the gym that push me forward to be constantly improving. Such a large part of what is done in the gym is all about your mental toughness and there are few things that will push you to be tougher than a lot of pull-ups. Just staying on the bar is hard work sometimes, when your shoulders are shot and you’ve been pushing hard to get through the other movements. Sometimes just staying up there on that bar is the hardest thing, you just want to let go, shake out your arms and take a breath. But you hold on, and get one more, and then another. Constantly proving to yourself that you are better than you were last time you had pull-ups in the WOD. This is why I’m thanking something that I’m not very good at, something that constantly beats me and something that even after a year of being able to do them feel like I’m just getting it. The pull-up has given me confidence, and checked my ego, pushed me to be better, and humbled my attempts to jump to the next level. I have a lot that I owe to the days when I go in and have to hang from that bar, and I’m only going to get better.


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