Thanks for the Park Service

Although as of late I have had some issues with the NPS in terms of struggling to compete for jobs in the highly competitive atmosphere that the Park Service has today I am still very thankful for the experience and the people that made each park so special.  I wanted to thank them as a whole and mention a few people by name. I owe the staff at each park a lot and the people that made the experiences so great have done much to shape me into the interpreter that I am today.  Thank you to everyone at LIHO, ALPO, and JOFL.



My first ranger job and such a group of people to work with. David thanks for getting me to try this Paleo thing you had been doing and lending me the book. Also thanks for all the help along the way and the encouragement to keep pursuing a career in the Park Service. To all the interp staff from those two years, it was great getting to know all of you and learning from you as well. Administration staff, thank you for everything you did for me over those two years and for your support as I searched for a new park. Sue and John you two are great and the work you do to keep the Home running is impressive. I thank you for all the Curatorial info for my social media work and for the friendship. I wish everyone there the best of luck and a great holidays this year and going forward.


This post here in PA has done so much to help me to “grow up” coming out here far away from the people that I knew and the support of others helped me to change in many ways. I feel like I’m a much more complete person since coming out here. The challenges of learning a new area, the information needed to work at two parks, and how not to set off the alarms everyday has been great. The people here have been awesome too. I couldn’t ask for a better group, my roommates at quarters, the permanent staff, and the other seasonals have all shaped my summer here. Some of you I may see again next year, but if I don’t I wish you all the best of luck going forward.


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