Two more


Man you make this list because you are an awesome guy and because of you I’ve been thinking more and more about getting back into the classroom.  I’m looking forward to seeing you and spending some time at C3 but also a possible classroom visit.  You’re what I would like to be as a male teacher, the things I hear about your dedication to your students makes me think that there might be a place for me in that environment someday.  Now if only a school would take me on.  Doing the partner WOD with you was one of the better memories of my time at C3, and taking it to those boys in Bloomington with BC is going to be a highlight of my return home.  Grow that moustache proudly, let’s get to this.


So since you two are married you have lost individual identity in this post.  I will only refer to you both as a couple but you are two amazing people that the last year would have lacked something major without.  I owe you for getting me to do the Open, for pushing myself day in and day out, and for looking forward to eventually finding someone that can come alongside me and totally change my life someday.  Seeing you two in action was great, the way that you both cheer each other forward in competition and are supportive of one another was really great.  For a person as myself with little faith in relationships and leaving the single life, a big part of my growth in the last year was opening myself up to deeper relationships with others.  Although we only did the one Sunday dinner, you better believe we will be setting up another one when I get back.  You two are a great pair, a great set of individuals, and great friends.  I’m lucky to have known you in the last year, and the way that you take on challenges inspires me to be better at taking on the ones in my life too.


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