Brian and Zack


So when I think about how much I owe you for this crazy change in my life it’s a bit overwhelming.  From the first day that I came through the doors at C3 you have been there offering what I needed to keep going.  Sometimes that was a push, others you had to hold me back, and occasionally you had to chase me out.  Your dedication to making everyone around you better, and the knowledge that you bring to every class sets you apart from anyone else I’ve met.  The days when I was starting out you were always there to help me get through whatever modifications where needed, and always pushing me to get outside of my comfort zone and keep going  when things got tough.  You are an inspiration and it is in a huge way because of you that I’m looking to get my L1 and hopefully be able to give others even just a small bit of what you were able to give me over the last year.  You deserve every bit of success that has come your way, and I hope that you continue to build that great group that is Capital City Crossfit.  While I may not land back in Springfield I will always consider you guys my home, and I can’t wait to visit and see the new digs.  Hopefully your mustache is impressive, although mine will always be more awesome and we will together show those folks at the Moustache Clash what real men can do.


Dear Zack, I hate you and everything that you’ve done for me this past year.  Well not really but that’s kind of how things go with us sometimes is it not?  When I look back at everything I wonder what would have happened had I not gotten involved with you.  I can say a few things for sure.  First I don’t think I would’ve had the toughness to get through this summer the way that I have, second I wouldn’t be nearly as strong, and third I would have never taken on Outlaw.  I have to thank you for all three outcomes.  Your push to get more strength into my Crossfit work has been great.  I’m still not great at many things, but lifting up heavy stuff I can do.  The toughness needed to just pick it up, whatever it is comes from our times first doing the Juggernaut lifting and then taking on the Outlaw Way.  Mondays with you at C3 were always one of the best days of my week.  Strongman Sunday got me to lift up stuff that was not only heavy but weird and the absurd workouts that we took on sometimes where always a great change of pace from more “traditional” Crossfit programming.  Having you as a part of the C3 staff the rest of those people are lucky, you’re a great trainer and I hope they realize that.  Lastly thanks for getting me to take on Outlaw even when I thought that it was way too advanced for me.  I have learned so much from the programming and been inspired by the other people that follow The Way and post up what they’re doing.  One day I’ll figure those Oly lifts and won’t have such a horrible total.


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