Another Two to thank

Crossfit DNA

Jake and the crew, I can’t wait for these next couple weeks to fly by so that I can officially join and become a normal member of DNA.  You are a great group, and from the first day that I visited I knew that you were going to be my home away from home when I wasn’t at C3.  Now I look forward to getting to become a day in and day out member and I hope that you guys will accept a guy that’s been self-coaching for months and may have his movements a little sloppy these days.  I hope to avoid as many burpee penalties as possible and to come in and learn from you everything that I can.  The dedication of everyone that I’ve met inside the doors at DNA is impressive, and I hope that I can contribute something to the group as well.  The drive for perfection is something that I truly admire in the instruction, and the standards that are placed on all that come through the doors.  Jake your cues as people are doing the movements really put home how important it is to always be mindful of doing everything with the correct form.  The lighthearted nature of the group and the humor that I have been a part of always makes the hard programming a little bit easier because of the smile that’s on your face.  Stay strong and keep pushing forward, I’ll be in there soon, bringing up the rear but I’m chasing all of you down, who knows maybe someday you can teach me to do these double under things that you’re so big on.

Crossfit Sports Evolution

You guys came along at just the right time.  I really don’t know what I would’ve done these past few months without you around.  Months of working out in the “normal” part of the gym had started to get to me, it was harder and harder to self-motivate and push forward through all the modifications and judging eyes of those around me.  Since walking through your doors I have found a great new group of people that have actually made it easier for me to put coming back to PA on my list of possibilities for next year’s ranger employment.  As a group you are all amazing people, and you bring so much to every class that I am around, doesn’t matter if I’m a part of it, or if I’m off to the side doing my Outlaw work, you inspire me to keep going because you all have a great fire inside of you to get better every day.  Over these last few days I look forward to doing more workouts with you and saying some sad goodbyes.  I consider you all great friends and I look forward to seeing you again down the road somewhere.


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