Another day of thanks

Crossfit Iron City

Blake and the many people that I met out here, you were a source of drive when I needed it, and a much-needed place of understanding when the globogym took its toll. I meant to get out there to see you guys more but life gets in the way and doesn’t always let things go the way one would hope. I want you guys to know that I have appreciated everything that you did opening your doors to me. I enjoyed coming in and meeting a new group of people, doing some really fun, and some not so fun but still kinda fun workouts. I’ll never forget pushing through the pullup/dip sub for muscle ups and the pain of so many wall walks in the hero wod. I hope to see you again before I leave, but know that if I don’t you are a great group of people and that I’ll find a way to come visit again. With my rehire status you may even have me around next summer as well. You’ve got a great community and I wish you the best as you grow and take on new people in their journeys of self-improvement.


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