At the risk of doing what everyone else seems to be doing this month I thought that I would take on the challenge of expressing my feelings towards some people that have helped me along the way in this huge change. I know that November is the month when everyone seems to do this but why not, with Thanksgiving coming up and my return back home looming I’ve been in a pretty reflective mood these past few days. I know that I’m jumping in a couple days late, but I’ll just blame that on my life still getting somewhat back to normal post Sandy. Most of these posts will be a little shorter but I’m going to try to focus them on one person, place, group, or even thing that I’m thankful has been a part of my life during this last year and a half.


Capital City Crossfit

Deciding to do this you guys had to be first, I couldn’t think of any other group as a whole that has had more of an impact on my in the last year than you guys have. You have seen me the whole way through this. Your encouragement and support day in and out has been amazing. I owe a lot to you as a group, I couldn’t think of a better group of people to have pushed myself through the hard times with. As I left I was sad to be leaving such a supportive community and now that I look to return to Illinois it is with sadness that I know that I won’t be coming back to Springfield to live full time right now. So many of you have touched my life to help me get to where I am today. I can’t thank each of you by name here but know that I am forever in your debt for all the times that we shared over those months. I can’t wait to visit you when I get back and look forward to making new memories together.


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