Crazy week so far

I’m sure that you can imagine that living on top of a mountain when a hurricane is making it’s way across the country can lead to some interesting weather issues.  This week started out with craziness from the storm approaching and then hitting us.  Monday I went to purchase some food and then to the gym.  Getting home after getting everything done I had an interesting time trying to get around all of the downed trees.  A few times finding alternate routes to get back to housing and a river crossing where the road was covered I made it to a house with no power.  Now no power in park housing also meant no food can be cooked, no water from the well, and no heat because that’s electric too.  I braved the storm again, I hadn’t eaten in 9 hours at that point, and went to Denny’s to recharge the phone, play on some internet, and eat bacon.  I thought it was a safe bet, and bacon always makes me feel better.  Overnight the house was more than a little chilly, it got down to about 50F and I was not prepared for such an event.  Getting up Tuesday morning I was not rested, but a breakfast at a local third generation owned diner, and some time at Panera waiting to see if power was back made for a decent morning.  By yesterday afternoon power was back up, I could make a really good meal and get ready to head back into the gym and get some work done.  I fired the crockpot back up and got some paleo chili going to warm me up on these cold days and then left the house.  Getting back last night I had an interview for Crossfit Radio which will be on tomorrow.  You should definitely check it out.  Today was the first day back at work and it was slow, we had snow from the hurricane.  You have to love that, I’ve termed it Hurrisnow.  I’ve copyrighted it so don’t be stealing it.  I guess that’s it for my Sandy update, tomorrow we will get back to the actual Crossfit and Paleo related posts.  Here’s my pictures from this craziness.

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