Taking the best even when your head isn’t in it

Today was just one of those days, you get those from time to time.  I went into the gym and started my warmup and tried to get into the work that needed to be done, but I just wasn’t there.  I’ve learned over the progress of this journey that there are just going to be some of those days, and the key when I feel this way is just to make myself do it.  I may not feel like it, it might take extra time to get my head in the game but I eventually just have to walk up to the bar and pick it up.  These days it is about making the choice, deciding that no matter what I don’t take the day off just because I don’t feel like putting in the work.  The self discipline that it takes on these days goes a long way towards your own growth….


I actually started this post yesterday and that’s as far as I got.  My head was not in it at all, work, in the gym, or trying to write that post.  I don’t know what was up with me, some days that happens but man you have to get your head out of it.  Today though was much better, had a good day at work, and walked into Sports Evolution ready to take on the normal class WOD.  Today was 8 minute AMRAMP of 8 pushups, 10 Med ball cleans (20lbs), and 12 Situps.  Final score was 7+11.  Good showing today and it felt good to come in and crush a WOD a full round ahead of anyone else.  Just ran through at a good pace, my situps need to be a bit quicker and I would’ve had 8 rds.  Amazing the difference a day can make my head was in the game and I came in knowing that I needed a good day to recover from yesterday’s performance.  And that’s what I need, sometimes my head won’t be in the game, but on those days I’ll come in and get the work done and try to mentally get into it.  Then on the days following those bad days you have to come in on a mission and bounce back.  I’m excited to get at it again tomorrow and then enjoy a great rest day on Saturday.  Success is about consistency, you show up and put the work in, everyday, no excuses and in the end you’ll end up successful.  I found this on Tumblr today and it has so much truth.


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