Yoga Day One

Well I went in today and had my first Yoga experience.  Turns out that I have free Yoga classes with my membership to the gym, who knew? So I figured with less than a month left and with some friends telling me how much it could help I should give it a go.  Tonight’s Yoga class was called Power Yoga, and it was a full 90 minutes of work.  After getting myself set up we started to go and really it didn’t seem like it was an hour and a half long.  I did pretty good, at least that’s what they say.  I felt good during the class and at the end I really felt like my body had benefited from the challenge.  Turns out there’s another class tomorrow afternoon that I’m going to go to.  In order to work this in I did this instead of a second WOD and really I feel like this might be the more important thing that I do.  With my mobility issues being what they are beating myself up trying to push through a second Metcon just a little bit after the first seems like a dumb choice.  So tomorrow I’ll go in, get as much of Outlaw done as possible before getting the Yoga class done and if need be coming back to take on whatever’s left.  Then I’ll try to make sure that I don’t stick around for Metcon number 2 of the day.  The thing about that is that if I time it just right, I could Oulaw, Yoga, and do the class Metcon.  But do I really need to push my body to take on that?  Before I do anything tomorrow though I’m going to try to get in a chair massage, turns out that supposedly there will be someone doing them tomorrow till 3 so a pre workout massage, don’t mind if I do.


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