Crossfit to Globo Gym and back again

I have now been working out at Sports Evolution Crossfit for a month now.  I  am still doing my programming through The Outlaw Way so my actual class WODs are limited but I’m still in there with the group and I do a few workouts with them a week.  It has made a big difference in how I feel walking into the gym.  It is easy to take what Crossfit brings to the table for granted.  For the first ten months of this change in my life I went to Capital City and saw the same crew day in and day out.  I got to know those people, struggled through the workouts, got to look forward to seeing Jill’s boys the St. Bernard’s in the back of her car, shared stories of triumph and struggle day in and day out.  Then I moved here, a new challenge awaited me.  Working out at the Summit meant that I didn’t know anyone here, passing the cardio room and finding an area past the machines to get to work I put in my headphones and tried my best to do the programming with the tools at hand.  Going in without those people there made for some days that the motivation just wasn’t there.  On the hardest days I struggled to push myself past my limits, no one knew if I cut it short.  Nobody was there to see that I was letting my technique slip and cheating myself out of the benefits of the movements.  For the first four months I was here my time in the gym was my time alone.  Honestly I don’t think I know the name of a single person at that gym.  The people at the front desk all know me, I’m there six days a week how can they not, but the people that workout in the weight room I have no idea who they are, and they don’t know me either.  My ipod became my only friend while working and trying to get through each day seemed to get longer and longer.  Then over a month ago Sports Evolution opened, they welcomed me to come do my work in their part of the gym and everything changed.  I can’t explain how much better I feel about walking into the gym now.  I look forward to seeing Allen, Jerod and the rest of the crew.  I try to share some of the knowledge I’ve gotten over the last year, and to encourage them to push through.  When we work out together we push each other and I love it.  Getting back into a Crossfit routine has been great, I feel more motivated to work out, and on Sundays when I’m working out alone again I can tell that there’s a different feeling about that workout compared to the rest of the week.  In these past few weeks I have already developed a bond that I know will come with me back to Illinois, and if I get asked to come back here for next season you can bet that I’ll be back at it with the group again, looking forward to seeing how the months I spent away have changed the people that go there day in and day out.  The community aspect of Crossfit is amazing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, without it I can promise you that I would not be where I am today.  So thank you to everyone at Capital City and now at Sports Evolution, I owe you a lot.


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