Summer lessons part 3

This is going to be the last section of the rambling thoughts that I’ve split up into the two other posts.  Just like the other two I’m just going to put them up here because I thought some of them might be worth sharing.

-When I open up to people it’s good for me and them, I should do it more often.

-No matter what the park you’re going to get some interesting visitors.

-I should really start working on a “bucket list” to start tackling new goals.

-Spending time alone has been good for my personal growth, I’m more well rounded today because of it.

-I believe that I’m a more thankful person today because of this summer.

-The pace of life in Illinois was more my style.

-This summer I have self motivated, not gained the weight back, and learned a lot about myself from doing Outlaw.

-Going back home I have a new set of shortcomings to take on.

That’s it for the list I don’t know how that reflects on my time sitting at the desk on slow days.  It’s great to be able to have time to think about where I am, Wonder what the next six weeks will show me.


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