Pushing up the volume

Starting this week I have been pushing up the volume of the work that I put in when working out. That works out to doubling up some days, and instead of just doing mobility of Thursdays I’ll be taking on the WOD that day as well.  This volume increase is to push myself past the barriers that I feel are holding me back some lately.  By doing the extra three workouts a week I’m going to make my body adapt to being ready for that level of output.  Also it’s going to help me to get more practice in on things that I don’t do very much of when I’m just doing Outlaw.  I think I’ve done sit ups once in the last two months for example.  By doing these workouts I’ll do more movements, get more conditioning, and be better prepared for doing more competitions in 2013.  I can’t wait to do some competiting and show off the hard work that I’m putting in here in PA.  All this work reminds me of just how far I have come.

It’s weird for me to think about where I was a year ago.  This time last fall I was coming up on the wedding that had sparked this transformation.  I had gotten remeasured for the tux that I was to wear and saw just how much my body had changed already.  I was down over fifty pounds and was feeling better every day.  But there was still a long way to go.  I had yet to get my first pull up without a band, and I was still struggling to do many of the workouts with a decent amount of scaling but I was getting better.  Here I am almost exactly one year ago, October 8, 2011

Me and the Rev

That’s a 2xl shirt that I’m wearing, and I’m in 42in jeans.  Still that’s a huge change from the summer and I was happy to be where I was.  I think that at this point I really didn’t expect to get too much smaller.  But I was wrong and the next few months would see me continue to progress at a pace that was amazing.  Life would change in major ways, I’d leave my ranger job, graduate college, get certified as a teacher and take a job at Starbucks to pay the bills till I found a new ranger job.  All that change pushed me to grow as a person.  Taking the new job brought me here and that has promoted even more growth, and more chances for me to push beyond where I think that I am going to end up.  That’s what all this is about. Proving to myself that there’s no boundaries for me, I am not limited by what I think, there’s more trimming to be done, better lifts to do, heavier weights to lift, and new challenges to conquer.  I hope that next year I’m writing about how I couldn’t believe that I was here in October of 2012 and how my life has changed since today.  I’m a firm believer today that life is all about personal growth and pushing yourself to be the best everyday.  I know that’s been my story since I walked into Capital City in July 2011, and it will continue to be more story for many more years to come.  Now I also hope to pass that determination on to those around me.


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