Awesome weekend in NYC

Well it was a fast weekend but a great one in NYC.  Hard to sum up everything that went down but here’s a short list.  I walked around the city and ate great Paleo foods.  During the day I met John, a photographer that’s well known on twitter and instagram.  Love his work and it was cool to meet him, and he recognized my twitter name.  Had a good amount of Starbucks during the trip to get my fix, and had a good weekend of recovery.  I was introduced to a new show by Alex and Craig, Once Upon a Time.  I really liked the show.  We also hung around the apartment, shared meals, told stories, and just enjoyed doing nothing important.  Sunday was rainy so we stayed inside except for a trip to a great little grocery store.  To end the weekend though and prove that no good experience goes unpunished sometimes I had major issues on the way back.  I came out to find a parking ticket on my car for $115 and then on the way home had to stop and have my hub bearing replaced on my truck because my wheel was about to fall off.  Seriously not the greatest way to end a trip.  The tire fund that I have been working on once again got used for something else.  I think that the day was salvaged however by my time in the gym tonight.  I did my work for Outlaw, and then did the class WOD afterwards.  Snatch felt great through the middle sets, I spent some time in the handstand work and felt a little better there.  Then the other work was okay.  The class WOD was Wallballs and Pull-ups.  I pushed through but it was hard.  I really was happy that I doubled up today.  Afterwards I once again showed why I shouldn’t buy groceries after a workout.  I came home with 13 pounds of meat.  I did buy lots of other food too, but I’m usually a better shopper saving between 30-40% through sales, this time it was only 23% cause I wasn’t hunting the bargains as well as I should have I guess.  Oh well I have lots of pork chops, ground beef, and I bought shaved steak to try as a breakfast addition.  Looking forward to a new butternut squash soup attempt this time with some bacon in it.  A meatloaf I think, and the steaks. Looking forward to another great week, countdown to Illinois is at 41 days.

Picture of my broken part:


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