Things I’ve learned while not on summer vacation

When I was a kid you always would come back to school and talk about what you did on summer vacation.  So a few days ago I started a list of things that I learned on well you can’t call it summer vacation.  But my summer here in PA.  I’m going to break them up into parts because I got three pages.

Here’s the first section:

-I’m pretty comfortable alone, sometimes I need people but overall I’m very independent.

-I like my family a lot, of the people I’ve missed they top the list.

-I’m not ready to settle down, and need more adventures before I’m at that point.

-I think that I could see myself in front of the classroom again as a teacher in the next year or so.

-Living without Peter is weird.

-I still hate to do dishes, but that’s what dishwashers are for.

-Finding time for faith has been difficult this summer, and I’m not sure where I am in that regard.

-The park service manages to frustrate me and feel like home at the same time.

That’s the condensed version of about half the first page.  I don’t know what anyone else will think of it, but they were interesting thoughts to have.  I wonder what will come as I spend the next six weeks here and learn from my fall in Pennsylvania.


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