Today is Friday for most people but it’s my Wednesday.  Sometimes the life of a Park Ranger has its odd things that don’t generally get annoying but then there’s days that something will just bug you.  Today was that way for me, I was at work today and it was really slow and the few people that came in were focused on enjoying themselves and making some small talk at the desk.  They made it a point to talk about the weekend and what they were going to do.  All I could think of was that I was days away from my weekend, the idea of sleeping in tomorrow, and watching college football doesn’t happen for me.  I would love to sleep in a bit, hit the 9am WOD come home, cook on the grill and watch a full day of football but that’s not in the cards for me unless I use vacation time.  It’s a small thing but it made me think about how I used to do that every week.  The day seemed longer because of it.  It’s hard sometimes to refocus yourself when you find your mind set on one thing.  I try to focus my energy on positive things, and to concentrate on something that will benefit me in the long run.  But today that just wasn’t happening.  So I need a halftime, can I have a break, get a pep talk and then go back out on the field to finish strong? Life doesn’t offer a halftime, but I’m pushing through anyway.  Tomorrow is another day and I can work on making sure that I spend my time on things that I can change, or things that will make my life better not just being focused on things I can do nothing about.

This week is going to finish strong, tomorrow is my rest day, that means that after work I’m going to do something fun.  I’m thinking that I’ll finally make it to see Finding Nemo in 3D. I’m also pushing forward because this time next week I will be in NYC.  I’m excited for the trip and it should be a great time.  Also I got word that my boss is trying to keep me to Halloween.  So I get a few more weeks of employment out here.  Yay for paychecks so this Ranger can keep paying the bills. Afterwards I’m headed to see the family, man do I miss them a lot.

Pictures of my day:

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2 thoughts on “Halftime

  1. I truly believe the successful ones utilize their own ‘halftime’ appropriately. Those who continue to fail at reaching their goals get stuck in ‘halftime’. Hang in there bro.

    • Thank you. I’m feeling much better this morning. I had a slow evening in and went to bed early. Amazing what giving yourself rest can do sometimes. I appreciate all the comments it is a big help especially on those tougher days.

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