Goal 1 accomplished

Mobility Day!

And like that one of my goals for the week is down.  I got my schedule for the next two weeks today.  I know getting a schedule on the Thursday before it starts on Sunday is short notice but such is life sometimes.  I had asked for time off for the NYC trip but was told that they didn’t know if I could have it.  Well on the schedule I have the leave.  So October 5-7 I’ll be in NYC.  If you’re in the city and have ideas on Paleo friendly restaurants I could use the tips, also if you have a Crossfit box that I should stop by I’d love to hear why I should go there.  I’ve visited Black Box when I was in the city last year.  So while I might be up for a return trip I was hoping to visit somewhere new.  If you want to meet up for a cup of coffee or something while I’m wandering the city I’m sure that could be arranged as well.  I’m staying in the Bronx with two friends of mine and we are just setting up the things that we will be doing while I’m there.  In other news on Sunday I’m headed to the first Paleo meet up that I’ve been to.  This one is for the group of Paleo eaters in Pittsburgh and I’m looking forward to meeting new people.  The next two weeks are looking pretty exciting.

Other things in my life are still going along, I have my schedule for two weeks but know nothing more than that.  I did sleep better last night, and work today was slow so I’m closing in on finishing Game of Thrones.  It’s been a long read but a good one.  It is officially my 30th book since I started this job.  Not quite as quick as I had hoped to do the 30 books of summer, but I did it.  I’m still feeling good.  Mobility day is always a good day and I enjoyed going in and working on my issues in a more relaxed fashion.  I’m also looking ahead to hitting it hard tomorrow and finishing up the week strong.  Saturday I’m taking myself to go see Finding Nemo in 3D.  You people can judge away, I love that movie and I’m going to enjoy it like a kid.  Thanks to the cold weather I can wear a sweatshirt and bring in a bottle of water to drink.  The only snack that I need for the movie.  I never understand how the theaters can expect someone to pay $4 for a bottle of water.  Oh well great day today, and looking forward to more good times.  Hopefully I will know more about my return to Illinois in the next week or so.



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