I slept until 10am and it was glorious

Some people might say that makes me a slacker, but I don’t care.  Having Tuesday as part of my weekend means that I can get stuff done and blah blah blah, but you know what today I decided it was time to sleep till whenever.  So I turned off the alarm when it went off this morning and just slept.  It was great to give my body extra time to rest.  When I did get up I made some food did the last of my batching and cleaning and then got myself ready to head into the gym.  On my days off I’m free to spend extra time there and not be rushed to get everything done in time.  So I went in about four, had my cup of coffee with me and did my workout.  Then hung around to help out as a second set of eyes on the skill work for the class and then to cheer them on as they took on their WOD.  Sometimes I take on whatever they are doing too but after a 35 minute effort in the conditioning tonight I was not up to it.  As far as working on my goals today I did well.  I applied for a couple of jobs and looked up what locations I might want to go back to at Starbucks when I head home.  I also looked at a teaching career fair that’s going to be held in October near the Parents’ house so I could go to that too.  Had breakfast in silence which I’m enjoying more and more.  It allows for some interesting thoughts to pass through my head but it also allows me to start the day with a clean slate.  I don’t have things invading my morning because I’ve given myself a break already.  Now I’m home and I’m going to enjoy one of my favorite shows on tv tonight, The League.  It’s hilarious and set in Chicago how could you not love it.  I’m rewatching  season 3 since next season will start-up next month.  I’m looking forward to taking on the rest of the week.  Only one picture today and it’s of God’s greatest gift, Bacon.

Yum, topping and condiment.


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