Reflective Rambles

Sometimes while I’m working the desk at work the mood will strike me just to write something.  It’s not always very good but here are two that I wrote that I thought were worth sharing.


“Once I thought I knew what I wanted.  I planned and obsessed, was sure that I knew how my life would go.  But that was so long ago. Years have passed, the path has twisted and turned to the point that I don’t know where I am anymore.  Yet I continue forward, unwilling and unable to go back.  I press on, knowing that at some point there will be an end to my wandering, but what will I find there?”


“There are days that you just lack motivation.  There’s nothing wrong with these days.  Everyone has them, but the question is what do you do with them.  For me those days seem to come on Sundays.  It is the end of my work week, and the day I’m most rushed in the gym.  I always have to cut something to finish before the gym closes, I hate cutting my workout short.  Sitting at work and thinking about heading into the gym I’m not excited but does that mean that I will stay home?  No, it doesn’t matter that I will feel rushed, it doesn’t matter that Sundays I workout alone with no one to notice my absence.  That there are no bumper plates, robes to climb, heavy kettlebells to use, or other equipment I may need.  I go in, make it work, and leave feeling accomplished.  Sometimes you have to make yourself show up.  there’s no substitute for putting in the work.  You cannot avoid the challenge in front of you.  To do so is to admit defeat, you might as well give it up then.  A man is measured by the size of the barriers he has overcome.  This past year has been full of barriers, I have met each head on and there were many that rebuffed my first attempts.  There are even those that continue to defeat me.  But that is no reason to get discouraged.  I will not be denied my goals.  So on those days when I feel like it would be easier to take the day off, I go in anyway.  I make it work, and at the end of the day I feel better for it.”


One thought on “Reflective Rambles

  1. Wow… I can really relate to this post. I am also trying to lose weight and get my life back on track, while living away from my family and friends…. I had an awful day and it seems that everything I’ve worked for means nothing, you know? I guess somedays are just hard… but I am so glad I found this post. It cheered me up.

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