Oh What a view

This morning on the way to work I had to stop my truck and look around a couple times.  The thermal layer had trapped fog down in the valley and it was so pretty.  I have had so many opportunities out here to see such amazing things.  For a kid from Illinois the chance to live in the mountains has been great.  As far as the project goes it was a good day.  Clean eating and good on my coffee intake.  Although I still have to work at it, these slow days just make me want lots and lots of coffee.  After work I went into the gym and hit heavy power snatch and power clean with push jerks.  Following that up with a conditioning WOD. 7 Push Press, 14 Lateral box jumps, 21 Toes to Bar, 7 Push Jerks, 14 Lateral Box Jumps, 21 Toes to Bar, 7 Split Jerks, 14 Lateral Box Jumps, and 21 Toes to Bar.  Good workout and man I’m tired after that.  Finishing up my work for the week I’m looking forward to my rest day and the Beard Competition is finally here.  I’m sure tomorrow’s post will be short and late, but I promise on Sunday there will be a longer post summing up the week.

Good day because:

-Didn’t mess up.

-Had a good workout

-Slept well


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