Old school communication

Since things have slowed down I try to make good use of my extra time.  I read more and I’m currently working on the Game of Thrones books.  I also have been doing a little job hunting, just trying to see what’s out there and making lists to apply for when I get home.  Today I spent the day writing letters as well.  There’s something lost now that we don’t really write letters anymore.  I remember going away to SIU and that first fall I kept in touch with my high school friends with letters.  Not all of them but a couple and I enjoyed getting mail and reading about what was going on with friends.  There’s something nice about that delayed gratification.  I think that translates over to my weightloss journey too.  I put in the work, you don’t always see results right away, but they’re there.  Just waiting to show themselves at a later point.  Today was another great example because Thursday is mobility day.  I don’t walk out of the gym dripping with sweat having felt like I am ready to pass out.  But the hour plus I spent on mobility will translate into other workouts.  My squat form is already improving, I can tell that my shoulders feel better.  While I work on some mobility everyday now I also spend a whole doing doing extra work.  It lets my body recover, and it allows me to work on issues in more detail than just a warming up kind of progression that I usually have. Working on those issues today felt good, my body feels good, and while it will turn to soreness in some ways tomorrow it was still something that was very needed.  I hope that the people I wrote letters to today also enjoy getting their mail, and the messages that I had for them.  I kind of miss getting letters sometimes.  They always seem to bring a smile to my face.


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