Picking things up and carrying on

After yesterday it was good to get back into the routine of the week.  Although I should have known that today wouldn’t pass without a lot of time to think.  I spent the day working the desk which was good because after all the work in the gym yesterday I was sore.  Sitting at the desk all day the coffee cravings came back hard.  I had a couple cups of tea during the day but it’s just not the same.  Overall it was a good day at work, but less than 30 people came through so it was really quiet and I was alone with my thoughts.  It was a good day to think, and to hope for opportunities to present themselves for what comes next.  I’m still waiting to hear back from Ranger jobs at various parks as well as some other jobs around the country that I hope will let know something so that I can try to figure out the next stage of life.

In terms of the challenge today it was another good day.  I’m pretty well set into the groove of things now.  Ate clean all day, had some delicious applesauce with lunch, and then hit the gym after work for today’s programming.  Good skill work, it’s been a pretty shoulder intensive week so I’m looking forward to tomorrow and some extra mobility work on my shoulders to try and work out some of the soreness.  Also getting really excited for the Beard competition on Saturday.  I’m sure it will be a great story to tell.  No pictures today kids.


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