Week 3 already?

It’s hard to believe that it’s already week 3 of this month of cleaning up and thinking back on the last year.  Having the challenge start of my weekend has been great.  Every week now I start off with a day that has a slower pace to it, and allows me time to think about what’s coming ahead.  Today though I had something special happen as I was getting up.  I had an interview for the Crossfit Journal.  I am very excited about this, it gave me the chance to share my story and talk about how much my life has changed and to talk about some people that were a major part of my transformation.  I don’t know when it will be published but when it is I’ll make sure to share it.  Other than that it was a normal day, I ran errands, cooked some food, and went into the gym.  Today was the start of a new cycle for those of us that follow Outlaw so it was right back to work.  Rudy of course did not take it easy getting things going and today I was reminded of how much work I have left before I’m good at doing handstands.  It was bad, I feel a lot, but I kept a good attitude about it because I know that I can only get better.  I have a few goals for this week:

-Take time tomorrow to be thankful for the way my life has gone this year.  I’m attending the 9/11 memorial at Flight 93 so it will be emotional I’m sure.

-Continue to stay clean in my intake and try to continue to listen to my body more.

-Eat breakfast everyday with no distractions.

-Do mobility work everyday I go into the gym.

-Make plans for the New York trip to see Alex and Craig

-Hit snooze no more than once in the morning.


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