Halfway there

Close of week 2, it’s hard to believe that I’m already halfway through this month.  Things have kind of normalized for me this week.  I’m not feeling as emotionally down as I did last week, and my appetite has kind of figured itself out.  This week I actually struggled with making myself eat sometimes because I just wasn’t hungry at all after breakfast.  I ate light on those days and felt really good about it.  The coffee cravings have sorted themselves out as well.  While I still miss it psychologically there’s not a physical reaction anymore.  As I’m writing this there’s actually part of my dinner sitting in front of me because I realized as I was cooking it that I wasn’t hungry enough to take on the whole thing.  That’s even after setting a new PR for Cindy tonight.  Snatch and Clean & Jerk just weren’t there.  I couldn’t get underneath my old PR’s I guess to close out testing week I’ll have to be happy with getting another round in Cindy and doing so with Hand Release push-ups instead of normal ones which is what I set the last one with.


Tomorrow will bring a new round of pictures in the morning which I will post in the evening but more important than that is that I’m being interviewed for the Journal.  I got an email from a woman at HQ and she wants to interview me to write about my journey and have the article done on Wednesday.  I don’t know when they will post it but I’m really excited to share my story with lots of people and get to give some people that have helped me in the last year the props they deserve for all their hard work.


I’m looking forward to taking on week three and seeing side by side comparison between those first pictures.  I know there is a noticeable difference now I can see it when I’m just looking in the mirror.  Can’t wait to share the update with you tomorrow and take on another week or lifting heavy things, eating clean and sorting out adventures for the end of my time in PA.

Pictures from my day:

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2 thoughts on “Halfway there

  1. Steve, love reading your posts. It is a major struggle for me to complete all the WODs that I should be completing each week. So tough going it alone. I found that eating has been even tougher for me here on the other side of the world. It is very hard for me to find anything green and healthy foods are super expensive. Take for instance a head of greens from Australia was about $8 usd and the cauliflower I wants so badly was about $24. Still trying to figure out how to eat Paleo with what available. Anyway, thanks for your posts encourage me to not skip a WOD and to try my hardest with what I have! Much love to you and congrats!

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