Writing something everyday is kinda hard

But here we go.  Today was a rainy day in the park so while I didn’t think it possible it was even more slow than it had been the last week.  This morning I saw no one, that’s right not a single person came to where I was in the park.  I did see two deer, they looked like they were enjoying the rain, but they didn’t come close enough to say hello.  I spent the day just reading my kindle, I’m on book 29 of the summer, and this book while good is not the most exciting thing to read.  I  should really put together a list of books at some point to show people what I have been doing with my time this summer.  The day gave way to some more reflection and I tried to pick up where I left off yesterday thinking about how much my life has changed over the last year.  I also put together this list last night of things that I want to before I leave to go back to Illinois so I’m going to share that with you here.

-Drive to Niagra Falls (5hrs each way)

-Go back to DC for a tourist day

-Workout at Outlaw again

-Visit NYC and see the city in the fall

-Compete in the beard competition

-Workout at Crossfit Iron City again

-See State College, PA

-Attend a Pittsburgh Paleo meetup

-See the Atlantic Ocean/maybe get in it

I’m only about an hour from State College, but I’ve had no reason to go there, except maybe to do a WOD at Crossfit Nittany, it’s funny how now that I’m completely engrossed in the culture of Crossfit a major reason to go anywhere is so I can hit a WOD at such and such that I heard about from someone or saw on the Journal.  So if you happen to read this thing and you’re from one of these places and you’d like to have me come see your town, or do a WOD at your box hit me up. I’d love to check it out.  I’ve got a few weeks left and vacation days to burn.  Let’s do this.


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