Mobility Day!

I love mobility day, there are a few issues every week that I need to address and since taking a better approach to it I’m feeling a lot better, which also means a lot of soreness.  Headed into the gym tonight I knew I’d be working my usual suspects, Hips, Ankles, Shoulders.  I’ve had issues with the Overhead Squat since starting Crossfit and working on these issues has helped me a lot but there’s still a lot to do.  Even on days like this I look forward to the gym all day.  Today was an extra slow day at the park, we had 4 people by the time I took my lunch at 1pm, and ended up with less than 20.  I took the opportunity to power through It Starts With Food.  Great knowledge to add to what I already know about how my body deals with the things that I put into it.  After finishing that I read some more of a novel that I’m going through, finishing two more books and I’ll have done 30 books in five months. Not bad if you ask me.  On the job front I’m still kind of wandering but I keep getting closer and closer to just picking up and burning my savings on a one way ticket to Thailand to hang out with my old roommate Neal.  He would be very excited to hear that if he actually read this.  I’m betting that he won’t so he won’t even know how close he is to succeeding in getting me to relocate after years of peer pressure.  I’ve applied for jobs all over the country, the Park Service is dealing with another big round of cuts and word is that there are 600 fewer ranger jobs across the service for the next fiscal year which starts next month.  So it’s a scramble for everyone to try and secure employment.  I’ve taken the opportunity to apply at some state jobs and other museums.  I really hope I find something, maybe I’ll even go to teaching full time, but they have to let me keep the beard.

Reflections on the day:

-I am over the really slow part of the year, bring on some visitors.

-Somebody needs to give me a job, please.

-I’m enjoying my mobility work more and more.  Thanks MobilityWOD for all the great stuff.

-My body feels much less beat up now that I’m doing this mobility work on a dedicated day every week.

-Today I noticed that my belt is lose, it’s all the way in, this was really exciting.

-I’m going to eat lunch outside more often, it was a great experience, just quiet and beautiful.


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2 thoughts on “Mobility Day!

  1. Brother, I found out the hard way… you need to incorporate that mobility into EVERY DAY. Take KStarr advice, it’s worth its weight in gold. 5-15 min of mobility daily will take your training to a new level.
    And we aren’t getting any younger. 🙂

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