Testing never stops

Today is my Monday and let me tell you, while everyone else is celebrating being halfway to the weekend I was working the visitor center on a pretty lonely shift.  A couple more weeks and students will start to have field trips, never thought I’d be so happy to see school kids again.  Other than it being a slow day at work I continued my reading dominance by finishing another book today, getting me closer to 30 books since I came here in May. After work it was time for another round of testing.  Today the posted workout had us going for a new max in Bench Press, weighted strict pull up, and a 2k row for time.  I hit new bests in all three.  Bench press is up to 290, so so close to 300 just couldn’t get it.  I did a pull up with 50 pounds of extra weight.  And to cap it off I knocked out the row in 7:46 which actually I should have been able to do faster.  I think that there was still some fatigue issues from squatting yesterday and my endurance hasn’t been the best this summer as a whole.  Today instead of observations I wanted to share some things I’m excited about for the rest of this challenge:

-Setting new PRs as I finish up a week of testing.

-My first beard competition in just over a week.

-The chance that some of these jobs I’ve applied for will call, there are some amazing opportunities that my name is in the running for.

-Finishing my first seasonal job with the Park Service well.

-Seeing my family again at the end of this.

-The way I feel when I notice the changes that are happening as my body responds to the change in diet and workload.

-Taking a couple more trips to see some things.

And now for pictures, it was a slow day so sorry you don’t get much today:


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