Strict Paleo and still hittin PR’s

Going into this month I was curious as to how my body would react to the scaling back of my intake.  Turns out my body is fine with it in week 2.  It’s testing week for those of us that follow The Outlaw Way and Rudy has been putting us through our paces.  Yesterday was Jerk and a run through Diane.  Today was Back Squat, Burpees in one minute, Muscle Ups in one minute and a mile run.  I hit a PR in the Back Squat and on the run.  I don’t know if you can count that I’ve never only done one minute of Burpees as a PR but if so then I hit three PR’s today by default.  I was really gunning for a 385 squat but my hips kept driving up early and throwing me forward. I’ll take my 375, which is a PR for me.  I’ve done a shallow 380 before but as that’s not to depth it’s a no rep.  Since coming out here my Squat is up 30 pounds, and all my lifts have seen improvements.  For as much as a hate to run, knocking almost a full minute of my best mile time was another big win for me.  Running the track that has 17 laps making a little more than a mile I did the full laps in 7:52, which according to the people there makes my mile 7:40-45 approx.  Last best was an 8:36 mile.  How’s that for winning? I feel like I should celebrate but I’ll hold that off till I finish the week and get a full PR total.

Thoughts today:

-Really need to keep my hips down in the squat, I have the strength for that illusive 400lb squat in there somewhere I just need to work on technique.

-A clean house is a nice house.

-I love pumpkin, I’ll eat it all the time and it’s pretty low carb so I don’t feel bad when I do.

-I’m looking leaner and leaner.

-Crossfit competition in Pittsburgh in October, if I’m still here I should compete, maybe I’ll meet Christmas and she will realize that I’m the one for her.

-I’m becoming more at peace with my situation here, there’s nothing I can do about it, and while I’d like to know how much longer I’ll have a job I’m dealing.  Side note: do you need a park ranger that makes awesome paleo food and loves to crossfit at your workplace? Hook a brother up then.


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One thought on “Strict Paleo and still hittin PR’s

  1. Strong work on the overall performance. You’re being better than yesterday! Oh, you let me know if Christmas changes her mind, because unbeknownst to my wife… I’m next in line! 🙂
    Sorry to hear about the challenges on the work front, I wish I could help.

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