Starting week 2

This morning I got up early to hit the gym before they closed early for the holiday.  I didn’t have a ton of work to do because it’s testing week but there was in introduction workout for Sports Evolution Crossfit to hopefully fill up the next onramp class so I was there to cheer people on and help out coaching a station.  Around twenty people tried out the WOD, which was a TABATA at five stations.  The people cycled through Burpees, Air Squats, Double Unders, Lunges, Pushups and Wallballs.  It was a good time and I really hope that some of the people decide to join because the guys are cool and I’m enjoying hanging out there while I’m doing Outlaw.  After that I picked up some food for the week, did some cooking and I’ve been cleaning today.  It’s been a really nice and restful day.  As promised i have comparison photos to see how I’ve come along in the last week.  I think there’s a little difference but not sure how well it shows in the pictures.  No real reflections today.

Comparison photos: Black shorts today, red shorts last week.

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