End of a week

Well that’s it I’ve made it a week.  Tomorrow officially starts week 2, and with the exception of one extra cup of coffee I’ve been perfect.  It hasn’t always been the most enjoyable week and I’ve noticed somethings about my emotional state that has changed but overall it was a good week.

This week:

-I had less coffee daily than I can remember.

-Snacked less frequently and when I did snack they did the trick and I didn’t find myself wandering to the kitchen multiple times.

-Drank over a gallon of water a day, sometimes I felt like this a good thing, the middle of the night bathroom trips to pee were less fun however.

-Did not have caffiene after 9pm.

-Realized that my emotional state changed with the lower carbohydrate levels, I have to adjust my intake some.  Bring on the sweet potatoes!

-Bacon was a part of my breakfast 6 out of 7 days.  I call that a win.

-I’m already feeling like I’ve lost a little around the midsection, pictures tomorrow morning will hopefully show some results.

Week 2 goals:

-Continue to fight the coffee cravings, at this point it’s mostly in my head, coffee was just something I always had, cup of water, and cup of coffee at my desk throughout the day.

-Keep working on judging if I’m having cravings or hunger when I want to snack.  I did pretty well this week, need to keep it going.

-My reflections should tackle more emotional feelings about my day, not just log what I did/did not do.

-Eat a few more carbs, this week I struggled with this and I think it’s what led to most of my snacking found myself drawn to the larabars and date bars I had in the house.

Pictures from today:

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