Everyone has a weakness

Mine is coffee, today it caught up to me.  I made it all the way to the sixth day before I lost out and had some extra coffee.  Tonight I went to see the movie Lawless after fighting the cravings all day and feeling extra tired I had an extra cup of coffee.  It was amazing, and I’m not sorry at all.  Being strict has been good, but when your body needs something it’s dumb to deny it.

Observations from today:

caffeine addiction is rough to break

-I’m enjoying eating clean, there’s not much that I miss.

-Thinking of things to write about everyday has been good, but takes some discipline which is good to develop.

-I’m enjoying the extra reading that I get to do now that things have slowed down.

-Two more days until I take weekly update photos, wonder what they will show.

Pictures today:

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