Things are getting a little easier

Day four and I feel like I’m hitting my stride in some ways.  It was my active recovery day so after work I went into the gym to work on some things.  From today I found that:

-My squat depth is better these days.

-Not having coffee during the day is still no fun.

-The new Crossfit that is here in town is filled with some good people.  I’ll have to talk about them more in the upcoming days.

-Sometimes you just can’t resist the urge to see how you’d do on a WOD, even if it’s just a short one for the Onramp class.

-This is the doldrums of the season, two days of work 30 visitors each day, but at least I have my Kindle.

-I’m starting to think more and more about going back to Illinois and what it will be like to see my family.

-This whole getting more sleep things is nice, maybe I should keep this going.

-It’s hard to believe that this time last year I was getting ready to student teach.  So many people that I didn’t know yet, so much learning and growth that hadn’t happened.

Pictures from my day:

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2 thoughts on “Things are getting a little easier

  1. Hey man. Just curious which Park you’re at? I’m a structural engineer and we inspect all the NPS bridges. Just got back from Yosemite a few weeks ago and our team is headed to Yellowstone in two weeks. Anyhow, awesome job on the weight loss! That’s amazing.

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